Sisterhood FAQ

What does Sisterhood subscription include?

  • Priority booking for our events and socials
  • Access to our weekend and international surf trips
  • Access to compete in the English Surfing Inter-club Championships
  • The right to run for our advisory committee
  • Access to exclusive discount codes, including a 10% discount at The Wave
  • 10% discount on surf lessons at selected UK surf schools
  • Access to some subsidised event tickets
  • Contribution to insurance through Surfing England which covers you for our events and trips

What does the insurance cover?

Insurance with Surfing England includes global public liability and personal accident cover. This means Sisterhood subscribers are insured in the case of injury or accident at all of our events and trips, both in or out of the water. Having insurance with Surfing England not only means that we are a recognised English Surf Club, but more importantly that we are able to always keep our community safe.

How will I be contacted for events and discounts?

You’ll receive a link to a private WhatsApp notifications channel where we’ll share early access links to events bookings, discount codes and more!

When does my subscription run to/from?

Sisterhood subscription is rolling e.g. if you buy on 28.08.23, your subscription will run until 28.08.24. You’re covered for the whole year.

How does having a Sisterhood subscription benefit the club?

Our Sisterhood subscription is great for the club because it:

  • Allows us to invest back into the club
  • Gives brands an incentive to work with us
  • Pays for the insurance needed to keep everyone safe
  • Allows us to put on subsidised events
  • Gives us the chance to apply for additional funding
  • Gives us the chance to create nice things for our subscribers such as goody bags 
  • Means we can book more trips & events that need big deposits in advance 
  • Allows us to have a website and an online shop to make the club more accessible

I can’t afford Sisterhood subscription, can I still join events?

Yes! You do not need to have purchased a Sisterhood subscription to join Bristol Girls Surf Club. Our online Facebook group and community chats will always be free and open to all. Our events, and socials will not require subscription either, but our weekend and international trips with limited space will. If you’re a surf club regular or plan on attending lots of our events, we hope you’re keen to join and access all of the benefits of joining the Sisterhood!

I have more questions, who can I ask?

Head to our contact form or drop us a message on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.

Sounds great! How can I join the Sisterhood?

We're so glad! Welcome to the club! Click the link below to join ✨